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In 2019, Tara had a miscarriage that changed how she perceived life and found a reason to give to herself more. With her husband deployed, she outlined her first 4 novels & drafted the 1st in the series, Discerning Her Shadows, which released April 2021.

As a military spouse, Tara has figured out how to make the most of constant moves, inconsistent schedules, and uncertainty by being present with her boys and husband as they craft a world of magick & fantasy around them.

By investing in her dreams, she was able to be a more present mother. Currently, she is focused on resting after the birth of her 5th child & crafting the rest of the series. Tara is planning to release the next 3 books in the HerStory Series in 2024.

Tara Webb is someone who doesn't know the meaning of "can't". She works from her home in Georgia, where she homeschools her 5 boys.

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